14 Coloradans hospitalized in 2014 flu season arrival

Photo: Flu shot
Flu shots are recommended for everybody six months or older.

Though it’s early in the winter, 14 people statewide have already been hospitalized with influenza, according to public health officials.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Lisa Miller says many more people have the flu right now, but haven’t yet visited a doctor.

“So that 14 is really the tip of the iceberg and it means that flu is really here and is beginning to circulate in the community,” says Miller.

The illness typically includes symptoms like fever, chills, sore throat, cough and runny nose.

Miller advised Coloradans first get a flu shot for themselves and their children. She added that there’s plenty of flu vaccine on hand this year.

Another way to avoid the flu is washing your hands, covering your cough and covering sneezes.

“All those things that are fairly easy to do, but that maybe we forget sometimes," Miller said.

Flu shots, including the nasal variety often preferred by kids, are available at doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmacies and often at little or no cost.