Touting economy, Denver Mayor Hancock launches re-election campaign

Photo: Denver mayor Michael Hancock
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock kicked off his re-election campaign on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock officially announced his re-election bid Tuesday, telling supporters that his administration has improved Denver's economy.

"In four short years, we've added 36,000 jobs and 2200 new businesses to Denver. And our unemployment rate is now down to 4 percent," Hancock said.

He added that high-tech companies and entrepreneurs have both flocked to Denver. Small businesses and startups employ about 80 percent of Denver's workforce now, according to Hancock.

Photo: Denver mayor Michael Hancock signs petition
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock begins his reelection campaign by signing his petition.

His priorities for a next term include improving transportation options, improving education opportunities and affordable housing.

Hancock said that maintaining equal opportunities in the city will be especially challenging as the population is expected to grow by 100,000 in the next decade.

"My administration is will remain determined to make sure that economic prosperity that we're seeing in this city extends to everyone, not just a few," he pledged.

In November 2014, Hancock told Colorado Matters that the issue threatens the city's identity. One month earlier, he doubled the budget to $3 million for it.

Hancock is currently considered the front runner in the Denver mayoral race. He has raised $580,000 for his campaign so far, reports the Denver Post, and it's historically been difficult to upset an incumbent mayor.

It has been 32 years since voters ousted an incumbent Denver mayor. In 1983, Federico Peña replaced longtime Mayor Bill McNichols, who was blamed for the city's slow response to a Christmas Eve snowstorm that dumped 2 feet over Denver, shutting down the airport and leaving side streets virtually impassable for months.

Two other people are listed as mayoral candidates listed on the Denver Elections Division page: Marcus Giavanni and Chairman SEKU. Neither is considered a serious challenge to Hancock. Election day is May 5.