Durango man finds a ‘Second Life’ for music career online

February 17, 2015

Durango-area resident Eric Kiefer is living the dream of many would-be musicians: making a living at it. Thing is, though, his audience is half a world away.

The Durango Herald reports Kiefer has built a fan base in Japan, of all places:

A former member of local bands Aftergrass and Dialogue, Kiefer has taken his solo act as Oblee to online forums, such as Second Life.

Streaming-music services allow him to broadcast a complete piece of music live online. Kiefer sings and plays synthesizer, guitar and drums; a looper puts it all together.

He’ll often work with other musicians around the world. Last week, he was planning a session with a drummer in Spain. The drummer takes Kiefer’s stream, adds drums and rebroadcasts the dual streams to listeners.

Some live shows Kiefer plays through Second Life can garner $100 in tips, about as much as he might earn for a set at a downtown bar – and with less hassle.

“I’ve definitely played some sleepy happy hours in town to a lot fewer people,” Kiefer said.

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