Colorado Springs homeless man pushes snowbound cars for hours

During last weekend's snowstorm, Shelby Hudgens spent at least three hours pushing cars up Fillmore Hill in Colorado Springs, KOAA reports. Hudgens himself is homeless, but he told the station that life "could be worse."

People were inspired by Hudgens' actions have paid for him to stay in a hotel, offered him a job, and set up a GoFundMe page that's raised more than $3,000.

We found Shelby at a local hotel after another viewer offered to put him up for a few nights. He was overwhelmed with gratitude when we told him about the GoFundMe site a complete stranger had set up for him.

"Hopefully I'll be able to get a job just as quickly and everything will just keep snowballing and getting better," he said.

It does get better. As we were showing Shelby his GoFundMe account, he got a job offer from another viewer. All because of a good deed that didn't go unnoticed. "It's one of those things where you think it's never going to happen to me," he said.

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