State report: Nearly 5M edibles, 150K pounds of marijuana flower sold

Nearly 5 million units of marijuana edibles and about 148,000 pounds of marijuana flowers were sold legally in Colorado in 2014.

That's according to an exhaustive report the state of Colorado released Friday. The Marijuana Enforcement Division's first annual update offers detailed statistics on sales and license information about the state's nascent legal marijuana industry.

“The Marijuana Enforcement Division feels that it is imperative to remain transparent on such a highly publicized issue in Colorado," Lewis Koski, director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division, said in a press release.

Koski added that the department wants information to be available so the public can fully understand the "scope and nature" of the pot industry.

The report shows industry activities, including sales, growing significantly through 2014, the first year retail marijuana was legal in the state. That includes edibles, which saw retail sales grow from fewer than 100,000 units in January to more than 350,000 in December.Graph: Marijuana edible sales 2014

About 16,000 people are licenses to work in the industry. However, it’s still a mystery how many stores there are. The state issued more than 800 licenses. But it’s unclear how many stores are actually open, and how many are selling both medical and recreational.

Read the full report for more details.

CPR News reporter Ben Markus contributed to this report.