Another marijuana maternal warning bill moving through Legislature

Photo: Marijuana in glass jars,Denver 3D Dispensary, 2014 (AP Photo)
Glass jars containing various strains of marijuana sit on a counter as sales associate Mattt Hart works at the 3D Dispensary on Friday, Dec. 19, 2014, in Denver.

Colorado lawmakers gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a bill to make pot shops post health warnings for pregnant customers.

A House committee gave initial approval to the new bill on a bipartisan 10-3 vote.

Colorado now requires pot products to feature warnings against use by pregnant or nursing women. But it doesn't make dispensaries post similar warnings.

The proposal asks the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment to develop warnings that explain to pregnant women the “potential risks caused by marijuana.”

The bill’s sponsors, including Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, say several medical organizations back the idea.

“Marijuana is new. I supported legalizing marijuana, but I supported it because I believe people can make informed choices," Singer said. 'This bill is about ... making sure people make informed decisions."

But critics argue the proposal aims to single out one industry.

"I would have liked to see this bill also require signage in liquor stores, bars, taverns, even pharmacies," said Tyler Henson, president of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

The bill comes after lawmakers rejected a stronger version in February. It would have prohibited shops from recommending pot to pregnant women.