Aspen offers a snapshot of inequality that could influence 2016 election

Aspen, Colo., with Aspen Mountain in background
<p>(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)</p>
<p>A cyclist rides down Main Street in Aspen, Colo.</p>
Photo: Main Street in Aspen (AP Photo)
A cyclist rides down Main Street in Aspen, Colo.

A Boston Globe story published Monday follows Juan Ayala, who lives in a trailer in Glenwood Springs and works in Aspen.

Ayala doesn’t begrudge the wealthy their money and is grateful for the work. But he couldn’t help but marvel that “the master bedroom is bigger than my home.”

What Ayala witnessed on his journey along Highway 82, from a trailer park to one of the world’s most exclusive communities, neatly encapsulates what many potential presidential candidates say could be, or should be, the defining domestic issue of the 2016 campaign: America’s extraordinary level of wealth inequality.