Planners Discuss Recreation on the Levee

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Work on the first phase of rebuilding the Arkansas River levee in Pueblo is complete, and the conservancy district that oversees the levee is starting to at potential recreational opportunities as they plan the rest of the repairs. 

In addition to a new pedestrian walkway on the top of the levee, the district is considering adding footbridges across the river, more access points and redoing the kayak park. Corrine Koehler leads district’s recreation committee. She says they want to be sure that ideas for recreation aren’t just coming from the engineers.

"How can we expand the use of recreation versus what is safe and what is required by FEMA? So we want to get everyone’s input and make sure that we have multi uses."

A public meeting about recreation on the levee is scheduled for Friday, May 1st at 9:30 am at the city planning office.

The district will discuss budget and timeline for the entire project this summer. The project is expected to take  several years.