Colorado Springs, El Paso County Officials Seek Disaster Assistance

  Colorado Springs officials are seeking disaster assistance after rain in early May caused an estimated $8.2 million in damages to public infrastructure, including roads, stormwater, and parks and trails. The local disaster declaration covers rainstorms and flooding from May 3 to the 12th.  Initial reports indicate an estimated $281,000 for sinkholes, 5 million for stormwater damages, including landslides and erosion, and nearly 3 million for parks and trails. 

El Paso County Commission Chair Denis Hisey has also signed a local disaster declaration for the same time period, with an estimated $2.4 million in damages to county roads and parks.  Commissioners are expected to vote on the declaration Thursday.

The local disaster declarations go through the state for review, before heading to the governor.

The National Weather Service says this May could be one of the wettest on record for portions of southern Colorado.