Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center Cares for Rare California Condor

A member of the endangered California condor species was found far from home in a backyard near Colorado Springs.  The large bird was taken to the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo after being picked up by the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and transported via Colorado Parks and Wildlife volunteers.

Diana Miller, director of the Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center, said the bird was in good condition, despite being a little thin.

It was sent Tuesday morning to the Peregrine Fund in Arizona to be reintroduced into the wild.

Miller said this condor was one of several released in Arizona in September, and that it was likely pulled along and weakened by recent storms until it got disoriented and landed in the Black Forest backyard.

According to the Peregrine Fund, the California condor population dwindled to less than two dozen birds in the late 80’s. The foundation puts recent numbers of the bird at under 400.

The wild population typically resides along the Pacific coast ranging from British Columbia in Canada to Baja California in Mexico.