Time Capsule Found At School Construction Site In Telluride

Construction crews working to expand Telluride Middle/High School found a time capsule earlier this week, reports the Telluride Daily Planet. The school first buried the relic in 1967 and added to it in 1996.

The capsule contained newspapers from the 1960s telling the stories of looming uranium mine closures. The later addition included a VHS of the Telluride High School Class of 1996 wearing parted bowl haircuts and giving sarcastic advice.

Michael Gass, the superintendent for the Telluride school district, told the paper he isn't in a rush to rebury the capsule.

"Our goal will be to certainly preserve these, but at the same time figure out if there's an opportunity to integrate them into our school year this year in some capacity, letting kids and staff put their hands on it before we box it up and seal it."

Gass added only then will the school "figure out what we want to put in there to mark our spot in history."