Mayor John Suthers Delivers State of the City Address

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Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers is 100 days into his term. To mark the occasion, he gave a State of the City speech on Wednesday. As KRCC's Matt Richmond reports, the focus was on infrastructure and economic development. 

Suthers made the case for two tax initiatives on November's ballot, emphasizing the need to make up for past budget cuts.

"When revenues plunged, it was a lot easier for the city to stop maintaining roads and stormwater systems than it was to lay off police and firefighters," said Suthers.

As proposed, new revenue from the possible sales tax increase would only be used for roadwork and would be on top of what's already being spent. He said he'll also work with city council to reestablish a stormwater fund.

Suthers described all this work as critical for the city's economic future, one he sees as evolving.

"I firmly believe Colorado Springs has the capability to earn a claim as the cybersecurity capital of the world."

He said that's because of what he called the 'synergy' between the military, private business and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Suthers delivered the speech to a few hundred attendees who had purchased tickets for the event, organized by the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance.

Listen to the full speech here (about 28 minutes):