Campaign Launches in Opposition to Sales Tax Proposal

· Sep. 21, 2015, 3:48 pm

A group opposing a proposed sales tax measure for road repairs in Colorado Springs has launched its campaign.

The ballot initiative, if passed, would institute a sales tax increase of approximately $50 million a year for five years to help pay for road repairs.

Laura Carno is spearheading the opposition, and says the city could be more efficient and find alternative ways to pay for the repairs.

"I'd be ok with this tax increase if it was really the last resort and there weren't any ideas that were workable," says Carno. "At this point I'd just like somebody in the city to be taking a look at these ideas and really giving them a thorough public vetting."

The city says Mayor John Suthers has met with an accountant affiliated with these concerns. Suthers has said in the past that there's no way to fund repairs without cutting spending to public safety.

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