Library Program Pilots Parks Passes, Backpacks

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Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Eight libraries across the state are piloting the 'Check-Out Colorado State Park' program. It makes passes to state parks available for check out, along with backpacks stocked with information and activities.

The program is part of the Governor’s initiative to motivate Coloradans to take advantage of the outdoors.

The Las Animas/Bent County Library is one of the first to have the backpacks. Director Paula Shane says the program is meant to target those who wouldn’t normally think to get outside, as well as those who are financially incapable.

"You have those people who may not have the financial means to get to the park, to go through the park," says Shane. "So this allows them that freedom to go to parks and access what they have."

She says there’s already a waiting list.

The Trinidad Public Library will also be offering the park passes and backpacks.

The program is a joint effort between Colorado state libraries and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The full endeavor is set to kick off in April, pending the success of this pilot.