Trails to Get a Facelift After 2D Passes

· Nov. 5, 2015, 3:47 pm
Colorado Springs Trails Assessment, 2015Credit Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Trails Assessment, 2015

Voters overwhelmingly decided to allow Colorado Springs to retain $2.1 million in excess revenue to repair and improve eight stretches of trail throughout the city. 

The targeted trails include Shooks Run, Skyline, and the Sand Creek Trails.

Karen Palus, head of the city's Parks and Recreation Department, said the improvements will include trail resurfacing and increased signage. Palus also said they’ll try to minimize the impacts to trail users.

"We’ll be moving forward with a sequenced approach with the number of trails that we have and detours so we can try to keep [impacts to trail users] minimized as we move along," said Palus.

Palus said work should begin on the first trails within the next two months, and all eight trail projects should be complete by November of 2016.

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