Mixed Reactions To Obama’s Executive Order On Guns

President Obama’s new executive actions on guns are drawing mixed reaction in Colorado.

Tom Mauser, who lost his son during the Columbine shooting, applauded Obama -- especially his attempt to tighten the so-called gun show loophole.

“The fact is that if you are a spouse abuser, or a felon or someone who is mentally disturbed, while you will be turned down for a gun purchase at a gun shop, there’s other places you can go," said Mauser, who's now spokesman for the gun control group Colorado CeaseFire. "We’ve got to close that loophole.”

Mauser said Obama had no alternative.

"We don’t have a Congress that is even willing to consider, take up a vote on a universal background check bill," Mauser said, "even though we have so many Americans supporting it.”

The moves drew sharp criticism as well. Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman posted on Facebook that the president has “no respect” for representative government or constitutional limits on his powers.