Aspen Opera House Reopens After $4M Makeover

January 11, 2016
Photo: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen (Flickr/CC)(Courtesy Flickr user Jared Hargrave)
The Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.

The Aspen Times reports that after weeks of delays the 1889-built theater welcomed guests Friday for the first time since September. The opera house had been scheduled to open in mid-December, but structural issues forced officials to push back the opening and relocate a number of performances.

The most recent project is the last of three major renovations for the Wheeler, which underwent a $2.8 million upgrade in 2011 and a $3 million update in 2013.

Originally budgeted for $3.4 million, the city-owned theater increased the final phase's price tag by $600,000 to upgrade its elevator. The delay and event relocation cost an additional $20,000 to $30,000.