Capitol Conversation: The Impact of the Political Year

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Roughly three weeks into Colorado's annual legislative session, a lot of bills are starting to get their first hearings.

Capitol reporter Bente Birkeland talks to other statehouse reporters about the upcoming week and how politics impacts the bills being heard in committees. 

Highlights from Capitol Conversation

On End of Life Options Bill that would allow terminally ill patients to take medication to end their lives:

Peter Marcus, Durango Herald

"It's a moral issue for some, it's a religious issue for others, and it's just common sense for some other people."

Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press

"Whether it's guns whether it's equal pay for women, or abortion rights, you're going to see a lot of hot button issues that move votes."

On the Political Backdrop:

Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press

"The Democratic House and the Republican Senate are talking up things that they think are winners with the public. It's almost more important that it becomes a headline than it becomes a law."

Peter Marcus, Durango Herald

"We still have a looming budget to address also, everything else they're talking about for the most part requires funding."