I-70 Rebuild: Denver Asks CDOT For More Neighborhood Protections

<p>(Photo courtesy of CDOT)</p>
<p>Traffic on I-70 through Denver.</p>
Traffic on I-70
Traffic on I-70 through Denver.

Mayor Michael Hancock supports the $1.2 billion project to tear down the I-70 viaduct in north Denver, and lower it below street level. But in a letter to the Colorado Department of Transportation, Hancock requested additional protections for residents.

The city wants the state to offer homeowners insulation and thicker windows after CDOT eliminated plans for a sound wall because it may not be cost effective.

For air pollution, the city says some nearby homes may need to be sealed to keep out construction dust. And the city is worried about increased traffic on surface roads during the freeway rebuild.

The project is still awaiting federal approval – but could begin in 2017.