Fraud Threat Delays Some Colorado Tax Refunds

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A wave of identity theft-related fraud has prompted the Colorado Department of Revenue to delay the disbursement of some tax refunds by up to 60 days.

And in an effort to combat fraud, the state is also issuing some refunds via paper checks -- even if the taxpayer asked for direct deposit.

"If a return shows characteristics of refund fraud, we will stop processing," said Ro Silva, communications manager for the Department of Revenue. "Unfortunately it has become the new normal that many entities have to take these measures to evaluate returns and verify that they are coming from the taxpayer not from a fraudster,"

If fraud is suspected with your refund, Silva said to expect to hear from the state.

"We will contact the taxpayer by letter. In some cases, we will contact the taxpayer by phone," Silva said.

Silva said taxpayers should be apprehensive if they receive a call about their tax refund. The department, she said, will help them verify that the call is legitimate while a a fraudster likely would not.

Not all refunds will be delayed. but for those that are, Silva asked for taxpayers to be patient. You can check on the status of your state refund here.