Capitol Conversation: Addressing Police Reform and Sexting Among Teenagers

· Mar. 21, 2016, 11:53 am
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Several police reform measures are making their way through the statehouse, and lawmakers are also looking at how best to address the problem of sexting among teenagers.

Here are highlights from Bente Birkeland's discussion with statehouse reporters as part of our weekly Capitol Conversation series.   

On Teenage Sexting 

Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press:

"There's wide agreement that nobody wants to see 16-year-olds showing dirty pictures sentenced to 12 years in prison for that because it's very common behavior."

Peter Marcus, Durango Herald:

"What people are trying to weigh is just how big of a prolific problem is this really in the first place. Is this just something that we really need to crack down or is it just kids being kids? We live in a different era now with social media."

On Police Reform Legislation

Peter Marcus, Durango Herald:

"The conversation last year was really overshadowed by national events--white police officers shooting unarmed black men. The grassroots base was activated, the citizens were activated. They came out and told heart-wrenching stories…this year the conversation was much more limited to the stakeholders themselves."

Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press:

"It's really unclear where these are going to go. In the Senate, President Cadman (R-Colorado Springs), started the first day, his whole remarks were basically a love letter to law enforcement, had a bunch of cops in the chamber. I think he was really telegraphing he did not want to see any legislation that could be interpreted as anti-law enforcement."

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