Colorado’s GOP Prepares to Elect Delegates

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Credit Colorado Republican Party

Republican Party activists are gathering in Colorado Springs this Saturday for the state GOP convention. The party will elect delegates to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. Senator Ted Cruz is already confirmed to attend. Donald Trump will not, but may send a surrogate to speak on his behalf.  Ohio Governor John Kasich has announced he is not coming.

In an interview with statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland, Steve House, the Chair of the Colorado GOP, says the state plays a pivotal role in who the Republican presidential nominee may be. 

Below are highlights from Bente Birkeland's interview with GOP state party chairman Steve House.

On How Pivotal a Role Colorado's Delegates Could Play Nationally:

"We could be the final votes or delegates for any given campaign. You're talking 1237 delegates and we are thirty-seven of those. Clearly we play a fairly pivotal role in the total process especially given that this is a potentially contested convention where ten delegates, fifteen delegates, twenty delegate could make the difference."

On Whether Senator Cruz is the Favorite to Win Colorado:

"I'm not so sure I agree he's the overall favorite. I think he's done fairly well, in the first two congressional district assemblies. But who knows how it's going to play out from here. You have to factor in where the districts are, what are their demographic makeups, who appeals to who."

On the Delegate Selection Process:

"We do have thirty-seven delegates. Thirty-four that we elect, and six have already been elected. They were elected last Saturday. There will be another fifteen elected on Thursday and Friday. Then we will elect the final thirteen at large delegates on Saturday."  

Will it be a Contested National Convention in July?:

"I think the odds are growing. I think it's better than a fifty percent chance now. This is a presidential election, strange things happen."

Colorado's Republican caucus-goers did not choose a candidate in this year's procedure due to changes in rules;  Colorado Democrats chose Senator Bernie Sanders during their caucuses.