All Lanes Open Again In Glenwood Canyon After Rockslide

<p>(Courtesy CDOT)</p>
<p>Glenwood Canyon after the rock slide.</p>
Photo: Glenwood Canyon Rock Slide (CDOT)
Glenwood Canyon after the rock slide.

Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon, about 135 miles west of Denver, reopened Wednesday. The state says the $5 million worth of emergency work was completed 23 days ahead of schedule.

Boulders the size of small cars came tumbling onto the highway along the Colorado River on Feb. 15. A tractor-trailer was damaged but no one was hurt.

The slide kept all four lanes on two levels of the interstate closed for a nearly a week, sending drivers on detours of up to four hours. In the following weeks, some lanes were open to traffic while the road was repaired and rocks were removed from canyon walls.