Bill Would Ban Pot-Infused Edibles That Look Like Kids’ Treats

The state legislature gave initial approval Tuesday to a bill that seeks to ban pot-infused candy that look like kid’s treats.

Under the legislation co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Joann Ginal, pot-infused candy shaped like a human, an animal, or a fruit could not be sold in dispensaries.

"What we are asking today is that these adult products don’t mimic candies that are marketed to children," he said.

In the past, the edibles makers have attacked attempts to alter their products. But this time many remained neutral. However, Dan Anglin, with the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, said edibles come in many forms, but none are marketed specifically to children.

"Candy, just because it’s candy, doesn’t mean that it is intended for, or attracted to, children," he said, and reminded the House committee of a litany of regulations already going into effect this year like stamping edibles with an identifying symbol.

This bill’s next stop is a vote on the House floor.