Boulder To End Art House Movie Program After Investing Thousands Of Dollars

It's curtains for an independent film program in Boulder after only three months.

Boulder Art Cinema will close after this weekend due to low attendance, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

The joint venture between Downtown Boulder Inc. and the Boulder Public Library reported strong initial attendance following its launch in February, but attendance declined at subsequent showings.

Housed in the city's main public library branch, the program aimed to screen "first-run art house films" at the Canyon Theater three times a week.

Boulder spokesman Patrick von Keyserling told the Daily Camera that the library invested about $1,700 in security and another $1,200 on a liquor license and expenses related to it.

The library also reportedly paid for a digital projector and other theater upgrades estimated to cost about $50,000. But event organizers said they will consider hosting other events -- like film festivals -- in the future that will enable them to use the liquor license and equipment.