After the Conventions: What’s on the Minds of Colorado Springs Voters?

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With both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions now over, voters are weighing their options for November. KRCC's Tyler Hill recently spent some time at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs to get people's thoughts on what is proving to be an unorthodox election cycle.

Excerpts from the Vox Pop:

Drew Steagall:

"I will be voting for Donald Trump…" (Do you have any problems with any of the controversial things that Donald Trump has said?) "Yes, I do, I feel like he is racist… but, I do feel like he will be able to help steer this country in the right way." 

DeAndre Turner:

"This is a circus now. I was raised in the 90s, and coming up the election used be like watching NBC, watching the rockets take off. It was boring, but it was serious."

Tariah Turner:

"She's had more White House experience than anyone else. And she hasn't had a job that she's quit. As a matter of fact, she hasn't had a marriage that she's quit. So I'm hanging by Hillary."

Kelvin Trailor:

"[Trump] kinda scares me, but I gotta do what's right for the economy, and as a contractor, well, I'm kind of on the fence. If he can curtail his rhetoric and come a little bit more in the mainstream, I might vote for him.  Either that, or I might just not vote at all this year."