Puebloans Aim to Spice Up the Colorado License Plate

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The Pueblo Chile Growers' Association and Pueblo County are working together to get a new Colorado license plate approved that would feature the Pueblo chile.

Dominic Disanty leads the Growers' Association. He says chile farmers in the area have united over the last couple of years to promote their unique, Colorado chiles.

"Our big goals are to first kind of look at the state of Colorado and try to let as many people know that, down here in Pueblo, we have a really great product," he says, "and try to draw as much traffic as we can down here to Pueblo to get the peppers right out of the field."

3000 signatures are required to bring the bill for the new license plate to the statehouse. As of early this week, volunteers had collected about 1000. 

State Representative Daneya Esgar [D-Pueblo] says the chile license plate would be an opportunity for Coloradans to show support for Pueblo's spicy produce.         

"People want to have a piece of this," she says. "People want to be somehow connected to the Pueblo chiles and they want to be able to show their pride in that, and what a better way than to be able to put a tiny little billboard of a license plate on your car?"

After the signatures are collected, Esgar will draft a bill to approve the license plate, which she will take to the state house. 

The Pueblo Chile Growers' Association is a KRCC underwriter.