Mobile App Encourages Outdoor Stewardship

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A new mobile app looks to incentivize users to help out the environment.

The app, called YourCO, will allow users to log do-it-yourself conservation projects, such as picking up trash or turning down the thermostat, and earn badges and rewards along the way.

Jessica Frazier is a spokesperson for Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, or VOC, which came up with the app.

"Our Executive Director once said, 'There's an app for that' might be a common phrase, but it's not in the case of outdoor volunteerism,'" she said. "And as far as we know, we're the first organization of our kind to introduce such an app."

Frazier also says YourCO could encourage younger people to get involved.

VOC is a non-profit that provides opportunities to work on environmental protection projects.