Online Voter Registration Ends October 31st

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Colorado residents have until Monday to register to vote online in order to receive their ballots in the mail.

Residents can register online by visiting After Monday, people will need to register in-person at polling stations up through Election Day, November 8.

Ryan Parsell is Chief Deputy Clerk and Recorder for El Paso County. He says they expect record voter turnout.

"Based on our estimates, if the high number of voters turn out, that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of about an 80% voter turnout, which would be a record for El Paso County," Parsell says. "And that continues on with the trend of Colorado being a leader in ballots returned throughout the nation."

This is the first presidential election to take place under Colorado's new voting model, which was introduced in 2013. All registered voters received their ballots in the mail this year if they registered before the 31st, and voters no longer have assigned polling stations.

As of Thursday morning, around 67,000 ballots had been submitted in El Paso County. Included in those counted were 18,371 ballots from Democrats and 31,287 from Republicans.  Registered independents have cast 16,679 ballots.

All ballots must be received by 7pm on November 8th or mailed with two stamps before November 2nd to best ensure receipt.