Colorado Voting Officials On Alert For Possible Election Day Digital Attacks

Colorado’s Secretary of State’s office says it is concerned about potential digital attacks on Election Day.

Officials say the biggest concern would be an attack designed to overload the state’s online election infrastructure, potentially disrupting the voter registration database and make it harder to tabulate returns on election night.

Such an attack wouldn’t keep counties from tallying up ballots that had already been cast. But it could make it harder for the state to release official returns.

Officials say they are doing their best to get ready.

"What I’m actually hoping is this is like the Y2K scare," said Lynn Bartels, communications director for the Secretary of State’s office. "You know, people end up with 14 dozen bottles of water in their basement, and nothing happened."

Bartels said Colorado is in regular contact with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security about any potential cyber security threats to the election.