National Forests Open For Annual Christmas Tree Cutting

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The annual holiday tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree on National Forest land is upon us.

Christmas tree cutting permits are available through local ranger districts.  On sale dates differ depending on location.

Forest Service spokeswoman Barb Timock says the cutting down of Christmas trees is not only a tradition for a lot of families, but also helps out the forest.

"Actually, cutting these Christmas trees helps the forest to become healthier," she said. "They are a thinning that is necessary to take place, and so we combine a very popular opportunity with something that makes the forest healthier." 

Timock reminds folks that chainsaws are not allowed and that tree cutters should always tell someone before heading out to a forest as a precaution.

Permits are available at the following:

  • Pikes Peak Ranger District permits are on sale from November 28th to December 16th.
  • San Carlos Ranger District permits are on sale November 14th to December 24th. 
  • Salida and Leadville Ranger District permits are on sale November 21st to December 23rd.

The USFS also has a map available here.