Mayor’s Office Proposes Median Ordinance to Colorado Springs City Council

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Standing on certain medians in Colorado Springs streets could soon be illegal if a proposed ordinance passes at City Council.

Mayor John Suthers' office is recommending the new rules. Suthers says he's heard about the problem from city residents.

"People were very legitimately concerned, particularly at nighttime. You know, they're going along and all of the sudden, they're just startled to find a human being--and perhaps a dog--on a median very, very close to their car," Suthers says.

Those violating the ordinance could face a fine.  That's a concern for opponents.  

Ravan Canon identifies as homeless and recently launched a street newspaper in Colorado Springs. She agrees that standing on those medians is dangerous, but she's concerned about enforcement. 

"Anyone that's going to be ticketed for the most part are going to be people that are marginalized," she says. "They're going to be people standing on the street begging for money."

City Council is expected to consider the proposal on January 24th.