PlanCOS Seeks Public Input in Second Survey

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Colorado Springs city planners are asking for more public input on their PlanCOS initiative.

PlanCOS is an overarching road map for the city, looking at a broad range of issues including housing, economic development, and land use.

This is the second survey being used to inform the comprehensive project that will potentially guide the city's decision-making for years to come.

PlanCOS planning manager Carl Schueler says they're thinking big picture.

"These kinds of plans are fairly visionary and high-level. We would like public input from a broad spectrum of constituents in geographic areas of the city, because ultimately it's a reflection of the larger community," Schueler says.

Themes that emerged through the first survey included majestic landscapes, vibrant neighborhoods, and strong connections.

"At least at this point, the direction, I think, is not to be everything to everybody, but to really identify some fairly clear priorities," Schueler says.

In addition to the survey, Schueler says the committee is also meeting with focus groups in the community to gather input.

The PlanCOS process is expected to last two years, ending in 2018. After that, the plan can be a reference for future development decisions. The last time the city created a comprehensive plan was 2001. 

You can take the PlanCOS survey here