Meet Ann Marie Awad, Newest Addition To The CPR Newsroom

Ann Marie Awad Feature

Some people are born with a passion to cover the news. Others, like CPR News reporter and host Ann Marie Awad, discover that passion along the way.

As the daughter of a college professor, Awad’s early curiosity for learning helped plant the seeds for her career as a journalist.

“Having a professor for a parent taught me the importance of asking questions and that’s critical to my work as a journalist,” she says. “My dad is such a curious person and I like to think I get that from him.”

While Awad has always had a natural curiosity, it wasn’t until she graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo that she really found her passion for journalism through a series of internships in New York City. She decided to pursue a master’s degree at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism where she fell in love with radio.

“I’ve heard before that you should host radio the same way you’d host a party: make people feel welcome, take them on a tour and have fun with it,” recalls Awad. “I like hosting parties, so maybe that’s why I love hosting radio.”

Since joining the CPR newsroom, Awad is applying both her love of hosting radio and her natural curiosity as she continues to ask questions and share what she’s learned with listeners across Colorado.

“I’m working with some of the most seasoned journalists I’ve ever met,” says Awad. “I’ve already learned so much and I’m looking forward to tapping into their wisdom while I’m here.”

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