Colorado Voter Registration At Record High Despite Cancellations

<p>(AP Photo/Jim Anderson)</p>
<p>Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams.</p>
Photo: Secretary of State Wayne Williams (AP Photo)
Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

The record number of voters comes despite more than 5,000 people canceling their registrations last month. The uptick in cancellations came from concerns that Secretary of State Wayne Williams was going to comply with the Trump administration's request for voter data.

Williams only turned over information that was publicly available under state law including names, addresses, date of births and political party affiliations. In a statement last month, he said he hoped voters would re-register.

"Particularly once they realize that no confidential information will be provided and that the parties and presidential candidates already have the same publicly available information from the 2016 election cycle," he said at the time.

With the 25,000 added voter registrations, the Colorado Secretary of State's office says 3.7 million people are now registered to vote in Colorado.