What Seattle Knows About Amazon, And What Colorado Can Learn

<p>(Courtesy of Amazon)</p>
<p>Amazon&#039;s headquarters in Seattle.</p>
Photo: Amazon HQ in Seattle
Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

By now you probably know Amazon is looking for a place to build a second headquarters. Metro Denver is in the running. There are strong feelings about that. Yes, it'll bring 50,000 lucrative jobs. But there are worries about increased traffic and potential for higher housing costs.

You might wonder, is there a place we could turn to see how all this might pan out? There is. Seattle, home of Amazon's first headquarters. In a new podcast, called Prime(d), our colleagues at KUOW public radio lay out how Amazon has changed their city. We're posting their podcast episodes below.

Episode 1: We Need To Talk

Episode 2: Things Got Weird

Episode 3: Learn From Our Fail

Episode 4: Your Guilty Pleasure

Episode 5: The Job Is To Eliminate Work

Episode 6: Let's Go To The (Dart) Board