Officials Rejoice As Colorado Springs Ranks 2nd On National ‘Best Places’ List

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Colorado Springs is the second best place to live in America, according to a new ranking out from the U.S. News and World Report, and city officials are celebrating the recognition.

In a press conference at America the Beautiful Park, Mayor John Suthers touted the ranking, which put the city above Denver and just below top-ranked Austin, Texas, based on factors including quality of life, job market strength, and cost of living.

"While all of us who are residents of Colorado Springs have known for many years what a wonderful place we live in," said Suthers, "it’s now clear that the world is taking notice. This U.S. News and World Report Ranking is not a trivial recognition." 

Suthers and other city officials say they expect the ranking will help Colorado Springs attract businesses and residents to the area, and they see it as a sign that perceptions of the city are improving nationally. 

"I think it just overall helps continue to tell our story, tell a great story for Colorado Springs."

"It's really a recognition that Colorado Springs has made a fairly significant transformation over the last couple years," Suthers told reporters. "Remember several years ago we were in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for turning off street lights and not watering parks. Now, this is a comparison with the most dynamic and entrepreneurial cities in America." 

Tammy Fields, Chief Economic Development officer at the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, says the recognition will help the city in its efforts to grow the local economy. 

"I think it just overall helps continue to tell our story, tell a great story for Colorado Springs: why we’re a good place for business, why we’re a good place for people to move to," she explained. 

In his remarks, the mayor pointed to the city’s natural beauty, strong economy, and the success of recent voter-supported infrastructure projects, including those funded through ballot measures 2A and 2C, as factors driving the recognition.