The Newspaper Editor, Of Course, Caught A Typo. Colorado Mesa To Re-Print Diplomas

<p>Courtesy <a href="">Alec Williams/Twitter</a></p>

A Colorado university is offering to re-print up to 9,200 diplomas after the outgoing editor of the school newspaper noticed an error.

Alec Williams was checking to make sure his name was spelled correctly when he saw a mistake on his Colorado Mesa University diploma, printed in hard-to-read Old English font.

Hey, @ColoradoMesaU class of 2018. Multiple diplomas, like mine, have the same spelling mistake. “Coard of Trustees.” CMU is sending me a replacement but they didn’t say if they’ll do it for all graduates. Seems like you gotta complain if you want your $30K diploma spelled right.

Williams’ diploma and others issued since 2012 were conferred by the chair of CMU’s “Coard of Trustees.”

Williams told The Daily Sentinel he laughed, but then got frustrated because he has $30,000 in student loans and a diploma with a typo.

CMU President Tim Foster says the university is sending corrected diplomas to 2018 grads and will offer them to the others. At a cost of $5 each, the university could spend nearly $46,000.

Foster says CMU designs its diplomas, “so this mistake is all ours.”