Denver’s Violent Crime Is On The Rise

<p>Allison Sherry/CPR News</p>
<p>Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen discusses the city&#039;s 2018 crime rates.</p>
Photo: Denver 2018 Crime Rates | DPD Chief Pazen - ASherry
Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen discusses the city's 2018 crime rates.

Denver crime rates remained relatively flat between 2017 and 2018 — though violent crime, which includes homicides, rapes and robberies, is climbing.

Reported offenses to the Denver Police Department are flat over a year, despite a population growth of about 9,000 people in the city and county.

Some crimes, including burglary, arson and curfew violations fell significantly while drug and narcotics violations and illegal possession of weapons increased, DPD reported Thursday.

Homicides were up 17 percent, from 57 in 2017 to 67 in 2018. Aggravated assaults, which usually result in serious injury, were up 17 percent and kidnapping was up slightly, according to the report

“We can't sit here and pat ourselves on the back and claim that we're making progress,” said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen. “You need to look at those bigger pictures and make sure you're examining broad view of these challenging aspects.”

Calls for police help slightly increased in 2018, but Denver officers did more subject stops and traffic stops. Pazen calls that proactive policing which he said has shown to lower overall crime rates.