Love Is In The Air (And In The 91.5 KRCC Music Newsletter)

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The Valentine Day's edition of 91.5 KRCC's music newsletter is an up close and personal view of the tender hearts who work at your favorite radio station.  Let love rule!

Jake Brownell - (Reporter/Producer) - Leonard Cohen - "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye" - I'm not sure if this a love song or a break up song, but it's romantic all the same.

Jeff Bieri - (Program Manager/On-Air Host/Voice) - Muddy Waters - "I Want To Be Loved"  - A poignant plea. Umm, I'm not kidding....

Shawn Rosvold - (Morning Edition/All Things Considered On-Air Host) - The Jefferson Airplane - "Comin' Back To Me" - It takes me back to my first love.  That person you will never forget.

Jason Lee - (On-Air Music Host) - The Soronprfbs - "I Love You All" - From the movie "Frank."  The last scene, sung by Michael Fassbender, will give you goosebumps.

Carol Scherbarth - (Administrative Assistant) - Judas Priest - "Last Rose Of Summer" - My favorite ballad, EVER!

Jeanette Hohman - (Underwriting Manager) - Alicia Keys - "If I Ain't Got You" - I love watching the video of this, as well.

Abigal Beckman - (Morning Edition Host/Reporter) - Loggins and Messina - "Danny's Song" - I remember my mom singing this song on roadtrips when I was little.  I think it's a good reminder how simple love can and should be.

Kyle Cunningham - (Interim G.M./Membership Manager) - Tyler Childers - "Lady May" - If you call yourself a country music fan and haven't heard Tyler Childers, you owe it to yourself to drop everything and listen to his entire discography.  This song from the native Kentuckian's album Purgatory is a truly touching  tribute to his wife.

Nathaniel Carter - (On-Air Music Host) - The Beatles - "Something" - I'm a sucker for this song because it is one of  the first songs that I heard by The Beatles and George Harrison is my favorite Beatle.

Dick Fairley - (On-Air Jazz Host) - Frank Sinatra - "Love Walked In" - 'Nuff said....

Tom Harrington - (On-Air Music Host) - Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Say Hey (I Love You)" - It's pretty much the feel good song of the century.  You can't hear it without smiling and dancing at least a little.

Melissa (On-Air Music Host DJ Melissa, Late Night Wednesdays) - Sade/The Deftones - "No Ordinary Love" - I have felt this song in my heart and soul.  The lyrics and music just really complement each other to portray that feeling of being so lost in love.  Both Sade and Chino Moreno's vocals in each version truly deliver the passion and yearning captured in this song.

Ali Budner - (Mountain West Reporter) - First Aid Kit - "Silver Lining" - An empowering song for singles (and/or for being independent within anything you do, be it relationship or job or life change).  It was my anthem during transition from California to Colorado one year ago.  And now that I'm not in transition anymore (having found new home, new job, and LOVE), it still lifts my spirits to listen to and reminds me that I'm strong with or without all of that.

Iain -  (On-Air Music Host DJ Probe, Late Night Thursdays) - Maher Zain - "My Little Girl" - I will let the lyrics do the talking.  A father's joy.

Tom F. (On Air Music Host Dr. T, Late Night Tuesdays) - Sir Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed" - I have been going through different songs in my head and I seem to keep coming back to this one.  The song sums up so may emotions regarding love, fear, loneliness, understanding, mystery and, of course, amazement. It's a love deeper than anything he's experienced before with a passion beyond his understanding.  That's pretty powerful stuff and you can hear it in the instrument and vocals...a kind of passionate joy shared with another person.

Andrea Chalfin - (Managing Editor) - Peter Cetera - "Glory Of Love" - Sucker for the cheese.

Tim Everett - (On-Air Jazz Host, Sunday Evenings) - Menomena - "Wet And Rusting" and Cloud Cult - "Chemicals Collide."

Mike Procell - (All Things Considered Host/Operations Manager) - Frank Zappa - "Broken Hearts Are For A**holes" - Because it helped me get through a painful divorce.

G.T. - (On Air Host Vintage Voltage, Saturday Evenings) - The Buzzcocks - "You Say You Don't Love Me" - Both catchy and complex...not alot unlike love itself.

Tino - (On Air Music Host, Late Night Saturdays) - Utopia - "Love Is The Answer" - Seems to be the answer to our daily struggles, both personally and globally.

Annabel - (Office Intern) - CUCO - "Lo Que Siento" - Feel good dream pop.

Kathe Alters - (Underwriting Sales Associate) - John Doe and Kathleen Edwards - "Golden State" - A kind of back handed love song with a sweet edge of darkness above his romanticism.

Friend And Neighbor Vicky - (Music Director, On Air Host Evenings) - I play one every night.  Tune in and listen....