Teachers Talk About Bringing Music To Life

<p>Photo Courtesy of Bringing Music To Life</p>
<p>Students playing the flute.</p>
Stock Photo: Bringing Music To Life Instrument Drive - clarinet
Instruments donated in the Bringing Music to Life Instrument Drive will be repaired and donated to a school music program in need.

Music has the power to change your life. Whether you’re a student learning from an amazing teacher. Or a teacher, touched by an extraordinary student. Colorado Public Radio wants every child to have the opportunity to learn an instrument, so during the annual Bringing Music to Life Instrument Drive, we share these life-changing musical stories from music teachers around Colorado, captured at the Colorado Music Educators Association Conference in Colorado Springs in January.

On sharing the love of music with young people:

"When I play a piece of music ... there are moments that just go into my heart. I want what's in me to go out to the band, which will go out to the audience, (with) them feeling the music that I felt." ~ Gary Ambrosier (retired band director -- Colorado Music Educator’s Association Hall of Fame, 2019) speaking with his daughter, Amy Ambrosier.


On the importance of music programs in schools:

"With everything that I do right now, I would not be doing if it wasn't for a public school music education," ~ Wes Kenney (Fort Collins Symphony Music Director, CSU Faculty, Denver Young Artist Orchestra Music Director)


On seeing a student blossom:

“Music is about caring. It’s not about...what technical thing I can make perfect; I’m not trying to build them for some other subject. I’m just teaching them how to be good people.” ~ Mackenzie Sutphin (K-8 Music at Thunder Vista, Broomfield)


On watching a student become a teacher:

“Music is a long game - it’s a slow-cooker game in a microwave world.” ~ Steven Meyers (Band Director, Carson Middle School, Fort Carson)


You can change a child’s life by donating an instrument to the Bringing Music to Life Instrument Drive going on now through March 23. Your instrument will be repaired and donated to a school music program in need. Thanks to past donations, over 14,000 Colorado students in more than 200 school music programs have learned to play music.

For a list of instrument drop-off locations, and other ways you can help, visit the Bringing Music to Life website. And listen to CPR Classical throughout the month of March for incredible stories about music from teachers around the state.