Goodbye To Our Dear Friend Chili

KRCC's Morning Edition Companion
Credit Abigail Beckman
KRCC's Morning Edition Companion

If you are a listener of 91.5 KRCC, you have likely heard mention of the "Chili Challenge" during our on-air fundraising efforts over the past decade.  The "Chili Challenge" became a regular, and very successful fundraising appeal, brainstormed by longtime contributors Dinny and Terri Weber, (who are, coincidentally, Chili's parents).

Over the years, Chili and the Webers would visit the station during NPR's Morning Edition, and Chili would offer her "biscuit allowance" as challenge money for new and renewing members of the station. Chili and her biscuit money certainly won the hearts of all of us here at KRCC, and her lovable Golden Retriever demeanor translated well over the radio. (I suspect that even though Chili's biscuit money may have been diverted to KRCC for operational expenses, she likely got her biscuits regardless....)

We were all saddened here at KRCC to learn that Chili passed away on Thursday, April 25th, but we were heartened to learn that she was on a walk in Ute Valley Park with her parents Dinny and Terri. She was truly a lovable creature, and we will miss her very much.  Our condolences to the Webers.