Your Mom (And The National Weather Service) Wants You To Drink Water Today

Courtesy National Weather Service
Hot and dry with record breaking temps are possible across the Coloado Front Range, July 18, 2019.

It's likely going to be a record-breaking hot day on the Front Range today.

July 18 is one of the few summer days in Denver without a record of 100 degrees or higher — the forecast for today, according to the National Weather Service.

"This will be the warmest day in the string [of hot days] so far and if you haven't had to pay as close attention because it's been so cool, today is the day to really pay attention," said forecaster Nezette Rydell. "Make sure you're hydrated. Make sure you've got a hat on if you're out in the sun, that you've got sunblock, that kind of thing."

That heat also means more fire danger.

Rydell said the Front Range isn't likely to see any rain today or tomorrow. The lack of afternoon spritzes lets grasses dry out, she said. Those grasses make easy fire fuel.

"With low humidity and high temperatures, we'll be inching closer to those conditions that allow fire to spread quickly," Rydell said.

A red flag fire warning is in place for the northern mountains and northern front range foothills Thursday.

The forecast shows the rain returning in time for the weekend.