Colorado Health Officials Investigate Possible Vaping-Linked Fatality

Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo
<p>In this April 23, 2014, file photo, Daryl Cura demonstrates an e-cigarette at Vape store in Chicago.</p>

Colorado's health department is investigating what could be the state's first death due to a vaping-linked lung illness. 

State officials confirmed they are investigating the death of an 18-year-old male from the Denver area. His death has not yet been confirmed as vaping-related.

The state awaits the results of an autopsy and additional testing. It can take six to eight weeks to get those results.

The health department is currently investigating a number of other cases and hospitalizations. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Colorado has reported 11 cases of vaping-related lung illness with nine hospitalizations and no fatalities.

New national numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document more than 1,600 cases of e-cigarette or vaping-associated lung illness. That includes 34 deaths.