Turkey Confidential And Arlo Guthrie Return To KRCC This Thanksgiving

APM's Turkey Confidential comes to the rescue on Thanksgiving Day from 10am to noon, and Arlo Guthrie gets rejected in KRCC's traditional broadcast of "Alice's Restuarant".

With Turkey Confidential you'll find the help you need with cooks, kitchen helpers, and dinner guests alike on the biggest cooking day of the year. Francis Lam will be joined by special guests Melissa Clark, Samin Nosrat, Kwame Onwuachi and Shauna Sever to talk about their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, memories, and to join Francis in answering your questions - have a question (or disaster story) to share with Francis and her guests? Submit it via the Turkey Confidential contact us form. You can also tell your Thanksgiving tale or as a question via Facebook, Twitter, or call the live show at 1-800-242-2828.

At 7pm, your friend and neighbor Vicky will present the longstanding KRCC tradition of playing "Alice's Restuarant" by Arlo Guthrie - a song that originated on Thanksgiving Day 1965, when then 18-year-old Arlo Guithrie was issued a citation for littering.