Help Us Cover Colorado’s 2020 Election

Voter Voices Pueblo
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
A CPR News voter voices event at the Squawk coffee shop in Pueblo Jan. 7 2019.

A lot is at stake in the federal and state elections coming up in 2020. It’s hard to remember a time when political engagement was as high as it is right now.

At CPR News, our role is to inform your civic participation. We’ll help you fill out your ballot by explaining the issues. We’ll connect candidates and their positions to your daily lives.

But we need your help. You’ll play a big part in setting the agenda — for CPR News and by extension for the important races on the ballot.

Tell us what you think is important this election year, and what you need to know to take part in the political process. That will guide where our resources go. You’ll decide what we explain and investigate in our reporting.

Is health care, or gun policy, or judicial appointments, or something else entirely most guiding your election year decisions, and why? What issues are bubbling in your community that the candidates — and the news media — aren’t paying enough attention to?

Take about five minutes to fill out the survey below or at this link.

Or come see us in person. CPR News reporters will be in coffee shops, markets, and other community spaces around the state, getting to know Coloradans and their priorities. The Colorado Public Radio Facebook page has an updated list of events.

And you can email us at [email protected] to share a story idea or tell us about someone influential in your community who we should get to know.

Thanks for helping us make this the best-informed election yet.

Rachel Estabrook, News Director