Denver Temps Will Drop To Single Digits Again Tonight. Here’s What Homeless Shelters Say They Need

Nathaniel Minor/CPR News
The Denver Rescue Mission in downtown has 200 beds and space for 115 mats at its Lawrence Street Shelter for single men.

It is really cold outside, thanks to Colorado's latest blast of winter weather.

Parts of the metro area could see lows near 0 degrees Tuesday night, and area shelters are preparing to serve more people who have nowhere else to go.

The Denver Rescue Mission opened its chapel and Lawrence Street Community Center for people during the day. The organization served 1,500 meals on Monday, about 300 more than it served the day before, and they need a hand refilling the pantry.

"A great thing that we are currently in need of are protein breakfast bars," spokeswoman Nicole Tschetter said. "Some of our guests don't have time to sit down and eat a meal, so just being able to have those items on hand ... is just super helpful."

Shelters in Denver also need donations of winter clothing — like hats, gloves, scarves and socks.

"Anything that you would need to go out into the cold, our guests need," Tschetter said. "And larger sizes of these are appreciated."

It's also important for the public to keep an open mind when they see someone asking for money on the street, Tschetter added.

"A lot of guests during days like today are just trying to get to their jobs, and a lot of them don't have transportation or money to ride the bus," she said. "Everyone who comes into our shelters has a unique story to tell and has a unique background. Anyone can become homeless at any time."