Parents, If Your Kids Say They’re Bored Have ‘Em Push This Big Fun Button

Colorado’s stay-at-home order has been in place since March 26 and as the parents at Colorado Public Radio can attest, the youth are getting a bit… restless.

Even as parents re-evaluate their expectations in these weird times, or help with online classes and try to support their child’s mental well-being, there are still two words that can strike dread.

“I’m bored.”

When Kate Sheldon’s 10-year-old daughter transitioned to remote learning because of the pandemic, she had to rethink and reprioritize her family’s time and values — and became a lot more creative in the process. 

“My daughter’s school ends at noon, so after she’s done, we’re creating things, or we go out and explore,” the mom from Eagle told us. There used to be a lot rushing around but now they can be intentional and “do more epic things.”

One of those things is the “Idea Jar,” Sheldon’s Swiss Army Knife against boredom and too much screen time for her daughter.

We figured, “Hey, sometimes we get bored too,” so we happily borrowed some of Sheldon’s ideas and mixed them up with ideas from parents at Colorado Public Radio to create the BIG FUN BUTTON.

What’d you get? We’d like a photo of you completing your idea jar idea, please. 

If you’ve got your suggestions to add to the button, message us on Twitter, Facebook or email us [email protected].