Protests In Colorado Springs Continued Sunday; Curfew Expires

People gathered for a ninth day of protests in Colorado Springs Sunday. By late afternoon, hundreds of people were gathered on and around the steps of City Hall, with cars honking as they drove by.

Cheers rolled up as speakers took the microphone. One reminded those in attendance that elected officials work for the people.

"If you are tired of what you have heard and what you have seen," he said, "then get up, set your alarm clock, and be on time to vote."

Signs around the protest labeled "Community Demands to Stop Police Brutality" called for the demilitarization of the police department and sheriff's office, a process for restorative justice, and a dedicated mental health emergency line, among other items.

A spokesperson for Colorado Springs says some city staff met with protest organizers late last week.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs Police Department continues to look into a video circulating on social media allegedly taken last Monday night, showing officers using force to take a suspect into custody.

CSPD spokesperson Natashia Kerr said Friday that the investigation is ongoing, but they're looking at any supporting materials, including body-worn cameras.

"We're just going to make sure that we look at as many sides, as many angles, and we figure out exactly what happened before the incident, during the incident and after the incident to make sure that we can have a full and complete review," said Kerr.

Kerr said the officers involved remain on duty while the investigation is underway. She did not have a timeline for how long it would take.

The city-wide curfew in place since last Wednesday is being allowed to expire.