Why Beethoven Is Credited In This Billy Joel Song From ‘An Innocent Man’

When Brett Mitchell, Music Director of the Colorado Symphony, was a teenager, he watched the 1990s Beethoven biopic “Immortal Beloved” in the living room of his home in Seattle.  

“And I asked my mother, ‘Why are they playing a Billy Joel song in the middle of a Beethoven movie?’” Mitchell recalls.  

He was a Billy Joel fan as a teenager. He still is, he says. 

That Beethoven “tune” in the movie was the Pathetique Sonata. To Mitchell, it sounded just like Joel’s song “This Night.” In fact, Joel credits “L.v. Beethoven” as co-writer of the song on his 1983 album “An Innocent Man.” (Jump to 1:00 in the video above to hear the similarities.) The chorus of the song is a direct “steal” from the melodious Pathetique. CPR’s Ray White points out the comparison Mitchell first noticed as a kid:

Beethoven 250: Brett Mitchell and Billy Joel

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